Monday, July 30, 2007

How to Search Rapidshare

Usually you can find all sorts of files on the file storage servers like Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. But the key is you need to know the exact link to download the particular file. Let it be a movie or video or Mp3 or a software pack or a game software, you got to know the link. Because rapidshare kind of file storage service providers, they don’t give the feature to search their files database.

For example you got to know this link to download a hot tamil video song.

So now is there a way to search these file storage servers? Yes. Here there is a search engine which does the search on RapidShare, MegaUpload, TurboUpload, SendSpace etc and lists the links for us. Just type in the keyword. That’s it. It does the rest.

As of now you could make big money if you could develop a good search engine to search these kinds of public file storage servers.

How do you search RapidShare using google search engine

If it is a Video file


If it is a Music file


If it is a Program,Application file


If it is eBook file


Optionally add the word what you are particularly looking for. for example to search keyword bollywood type like this

mp3|ogg|wma bollywood



Anonymous said...

try to use filecrop, it is a specialized site to search rapidshare/megaupload files! Its very good.

bogdan said...

Meta search most popular shares rapidshare, megaupload, ftp, torrent and more -

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